Change existing notes into thirds or other irregular groups

• May 27, 2019 - 15:41


I've some music scores with incorrect measures. This depends from imported scores (conversion from scanning) or incorrect imported MusicXML files.

I can have groups (3, 6, ....) that aren't in the score as thirds or irregular groups. And, of course, the total time of the measure is wrong.

How can I correct, in order to "transform" the existing notes as notes of a third or an irregular group?

I join en example of the measure, and how I'd like to correct the measure.

Thank you very much for your help.

Sorry for my bad English.

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Don't worry about your English, it's fine.

My first suggestion is to try the scores in version 3.1 when it's released very soon (like the next 48 hours probably) or try the 3.1-rc now to see if the problems are fixed. The 3.1-rc can be found at If the problem persists, then please attach the actual score (not saved using 3.1) you have problems with so someone can look at what's happening. And if it's more than a couple of measures tell us which measure to look for.

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Thank you very much, with version 3.1 RC it seems to work!

So if a score miss the third indications, MuseScore can now correct automatically the score?

Or in any case is there an easy way to change existing notes in thirds if necessary or vice versa?

This is quiet important for me, I plain to buy PhotoScore Lite (it seems to work under Linux with Wine) in order to import music sheets in PDF format in MuseScore, and the Lite version doesn't recognize thirds or irregular groups, so I have to correct the score after the import.

Thank you again.

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