A few bugs on Mac (3.0.5)

• May 27, 2019 - 15:52

I decided to wait for a bit before installing MuseScore 3 so that there would be some bug fixes out before I installed it. A few days ago I finally saved all my scores in MuseScore 3 but there are still several annoying bugs that I've noticed.

The first thing: I have no idea why this happened, but upon initially opening a score, some of the notes on a few pages were obnoxiously stretched out. In order to fix it, I went into note input mode and changed one of the notes, and suddenly it looked normal again. This shouldn't have happened at all though.

The next issue has to do with cross-staff notation. It works well enough when selecting only part of a beamed group of notes, but when selecting an entire group, upon pressing Shift + Command + Up Arrow to move the group to the upper staff, the beam completely disappears. (Also in this picture, the 3 from the last triplet moved ridiculously far down for some reason when I moved part of it to the upper staff so that's why it isn't there—I suppose that's another small bug.)
Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 10.47.09.png

A couple of playback issues:
The trill articulation is locked at a certain speed (a time stretch of 0.10). If I try to change it, it just stays at 0.10.
The accent + staccato articulation doesn't work fully—it plays back the accent part but not the staccato part. Basically it just acts like a normal accent in playback, and the same thing happens if I try to add an accent and staccato separately.

Finally, a small bug with score tabs: If I close a score and move my cursor away from the bar of score tabs, the score that was right next to it and is now at the end of the line of tabs is displayed twice until I move my cursor back onto the tabs. Then the ghost copy disappears.

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As Shoichi implied, the cross staff issues should all be resolved in version 3.1 which will be released in the next couple of days. The release candidate (which is exactly the same as what will be released except about 10 minor bugs will be fixed for release) can be found at https://musescore.org/en/3.1rc.

I've never known the time stretch for a trill articulation to work, so at this point you can call that by design, it should actually be hidden from the user.

Is it possible for you to make some sort of video or animated GIF showing your ghost tab bug you mentioned. It's not a terrible bug, but does need to be looked into. I've never heard of that one. I'm on windows and not seeing it, but there are several people who can test it on Mac.

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