My score got saved to the wrong file and I lost it.

• May 30, 2019 - 19:19

I worked for over 4 hours on a score that ended up being 17 pages long. It was a Minecraft Soundtrack that included almost every song from Minecraft. I opened many other scores and copied and pasted them to this massive score titled, "Minecraft_Soundtrack". I saved like 30 times to ensure I didn't lose any progress. A couple weeks later I opened the file with the same name, "Minecraft_Soundtrack" only to find that it was a 2 page song titled with the title "Minecraft Clark". I try to open the actual file titled "Minecraft_Clark" and it is the same thing. I think my brother opened "Minecraft_Soundtrack" and accidentally saved it to the wrong file. How do I get an older version of the score back?

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I tried following the extension from the forum from the "How to Recover a Backup Copy of a Score" but I cannot find a folder titled "AppData" in my User's file. I also typed in ,Minecraft_Soundtrack,mscz, directly in the search and it came up only with the file titled, "Minecraft_Soundtrack" which is the same 2 paged, unfinished score. I can't seem to find a old version of the score anywhere.

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In windows 10 you can open the windows file manager and type .mscz in the search box. You can then sort the results by modified date. If it's not the first score, then click the modified date title again and the order will reverse and you should see it. I expect other operating systems to have similar options.

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I'm not familiar with "File History" within Windows itself, but if you're on OneDrive (most Windows users are by default) then it automatically saves older versions.

But FWIW, if you created the massive score by copying in content from other scores, those others are presumably on your system as well, and if they didn't show up when you did the search, that suggests you didn't do the search correctly. Maybe you started it in the wrong folder. Have search your entire drive.

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I searched my entire drive looking for .mscz and it came up with all scores saved on my computer. I sorted by date modified and "Minecraft_Soundtrack" came up as the first one. I clicked on it but it came up with the 2 paged, unsaved score once again. I can't find the full 17 page score anywhere on my computer.

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