working on version 2.1 work files on version 3

• May 31, 2019 - 03:24

opening version 2.1 work file with version 3 causes staff spacing to change and not being consistent. I have a violin staff (small notes) and 2 piano staffs for left and right hands. The spacing between violin staff and piano staffs varies depending on content. How can I easily make the staff spacing consistent like it is with version 2.1?

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You'll only get inconsistent spacing in situations where the otherwise would have been collisions, which I don't think you'd want either. You've attached a backup file rather than an actual score so I can't see what's going on, but in general, resolve the collisions and the spacing takes care of itself. If you don't mind having collisions, you can load the attached MSS file via Style / Load Style to set the undocumented "minVerticalDistance" style setting and disable the automatic collision avoidance of staves, thus mimics the same collisions you'd get by default in 2.1

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I think I would have to do a lot of work to convert to version 3. I didn't realize that I provided you a backup file. I am attaching the correct file. If you can't provide some key info on converting to version 3, I will probably just keep using version 2 on all the files I have. Conversion is probably just to much work. Any new scores I generate will use version 3.

Thank you for your help


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Bach-Siloti Sonata1 BWV1014 piano.mscz 113.44 KB

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Can you be more specific about what you'd want help with? When I open your score in 3.1, it looks pretty good right out of the box. Only a few obvious things need readjusting (like the elements in the title frame, and your manually adjusted rehearsal marks), and as you say, there are a few places where the extra space between systems causes an issue that is easily resolved by loading the MSS file I provided. I'm sure there are some manual adjustments here and there that might need revisiting, is that what you're asking about?

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