I Did a Google Search of Myself And Found Pictures of My Sheet Music on Musescore. What's Going On.

• May 31, 2019 - 05:27

I am sorry for the long title. But anyway, I searched up myself on google and here is what I found a bunch of pictures in the image section of my music, not that I'm against this. But I am curious about how it ended up there. Just search "aubrey qian," and go to the image section. If you are seeing what I am seeing, do you know what is going on?
Is this good or bad?
Does this happen to everyone?
Thank you for all who answer.


So, if you put your name on the score (which I see you have) Google pulls up everything that has the key word (in this case your name) so when you look up your name, Google finds your scores on musescore because they have your name on them.

Are your scores public on MuseScore.com or private?
If there are public then yes Google finds them as it finds anything on the Internet.

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