♫ Why some soundfonts are not working in full range properly in MuseScore?

• Jun 5, 2019 - 17:36

As titled, why some soundfonts are not working properly in the full range with this attached testing score ( at bar 9, beat 4 stave 3, note Bb1 as captured), is there a way to make/force it to work in the full range in sf2 editor like "Polyphone" ? it's better to make it sound than muted even it could be a little bit distortion.
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That is a 2.3.2 score, why? Anyway, it does sound for me in MuseScore 3.1 using the default soundfont And that works up to C8 and down to C-1), which soundfont are you using?

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Yes, It is a 2.3.2 score, I tired to import it to 3.?.* and wasn’t successful for two reasons: 1. It’s high density score, version 3 automatic placement didn’t allow the format to be kept as original; 2. Playback issues hung for fixing at the time.

MuseScore 2.3.2 default piano fonts works VERY well with this score. The fonts I tested and mentioned here are commercially paid electric pianos fonts which may have different configuration to suit for DAW or the sorts, as they claimed the lowest note it can play is C1 -- I got it C2 as the lowest with MuseScore 2.3.2, which is very annoying, as playbacks sudden muted at the point.

Is there a way I can fix it quickly by myself with sf2 editor other than feeding back the vendor and waiting for their updates?

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Ya, you are right! Middle C = C4 ? issue.
"paid soundfonts are better" - indeed, they are sounding more rich, colourful and vivid; Default "MuseScore_General" sounds like a perfect music teacher, very reliable, suits all around situations but too perfect to be real, and only a few pianos; Free fonts from web have different sorts of quality issues and never be satisfying -- I tested almost all of these free piano fonts and string fonts.

These testing were done with Surface book and Bose sound system.

I am sorry due to license reason I couldn't upload the paid fonts for experts' testing, but instead only a general discussion about editing fonts playable range.

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Each wave sample is tied to a key range. C1 is tied to 36, and you want the limited range keyboard to play Bb1 which is 34. A quick solution is to open up the soundfont editor, Polyphone or Viena will do, and change the key range of C1 to include Bb1.
Change Key Range: C1 : 36-38 (C1, C#1, D) to Key Range: C1: 34-38 (Bb1, B, C1, C#1, D)
Note that the further away you get from the root key in the key range assignments, the more muffled the note will sound, but it's better than mute :)

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