Distance end of melisma line to next lyrics letter, and melisma line lengths

• Jun 5, 2019 - 22:16

I have scores where the end of the melisma line even undercuts a capital T starting the next word.

We have “Melisma pad” in Lyrics style options, but this applies only to the distance of the end of the previous syllable to the beginning of the melisma line.

We have “Min. distance” but this applies only to syllable to syllable distances, which is already larger due to the melisma.

I would have a new option to configure the minimum distance between melisma and next lyrics. (Currently, it’s not enforced and can even become negative due to the undercutting.)

We have an option “Always force dash” for syllables, but there’s no equivalent for melismata. If a (long) word/syllable is below two notes, but there is no melisma, the singer is irritated because he expects it (or otherwise switches to “quirk mode” for badly typeset scores and draws in the melismata himself during practice).

I would have an option “Always force melisma line”.

There’s also no “Min. melisma length” to match “Min. dash length”; I have one melisma line that looks like a full stop (dot, period) in this score.

I would have an option to force a minimum melisma line length.


My sense is there is probably just a bug in the rendering of the melisma line, and if the bug were well-characterized and then fixed, probably the need for further customization would diminished. Either way, feel free to open an issue. I know this came up recently, but I guess here rather than in the issue tracker.

I have also experienced this and think maybe a new issue should be officially opened.
I have had an occurrence where the melisma line was drawn very close to the next lyric, which seemed almost unnecessary.
See below
Melisma too close.png

Like the OP, I also feel like some way to control the distance between melisma lines and the lyrics that follow them would be helpful. (Trailing Space?)
I am aware that there is an issue in the tracker that is working on a similar problem/solution (See: https://musescore.org/en/node/280139#comment-form ) and I would say that the solution that seems to be in progress may also solve this one as well - possibly alleviating, as well, the need for the "Trailing Space" solution previously mentioned.

However, I had other issues I experienced (listed next) that are somewhat different from the one in the tracker, which is why I am posting here.

Currently, as the OP mentioned, there exists "min. distance" of "Lyric Text", but that is kind of like putting a cast over a paper cut. I tried that solution and the rest of the lyrics were affected as well (obviously, but) including lyrics that were well more than 2sp (the distance to which I increased the setting) away from each other and shouldn't have been affected by a change in "min. distance". It looked like I was increasing the Spacing of Staves, not the distance between lyrics.

Min. Distance 0sp - Default
Min Distance 0sp.png
Notice that the Lyrics are at least more than 1sp apart

Min. Distance 1sp
Min Distance 1sp.png

Min. Distance 2sp
Min Distance 2sp.png

I am not sure I understand what exactly is being increased here - or why - but I thought I would bring it up.

My last remark will be about another issue I had with this same melisma as previously mentioned at the beginning of this comment.

FIrst, the picture, then what I think is happening:
Melisma overlapping.png

Here, I added a time signature change to the measure in question and the notes and lyrics were shifted accordingly. However, since it appears that melismas do not have a "bounding box" - a term I learned from the aforementioned issue in the tracker - upon the lyric shifting, as did the melisma, causing it to overlap with the following lyric.
I believe this issue is related to the one in the issue tracker and can be solved by whatever they come up with over there, as well, but the second "min. distance" issue still belongs in this forum post.

Thank you for bearing with me through this lengthy comment and I appreciate any advice or information that can be provided.

 -- Morgan Resendes

Add me to this! I continually have problems with the melisma in lyrics, with it
a) non-existent (as already mentioned, if a long word or syllable underlays perhaps just two notes);
b) too short, and sometimes even looking like a full stop / period; or
c) too long, and running into the next word.

I'm having trouble with some melisma lines being too short and others too long (underscoring the next couple of lyrics). I sure would like to be able to manually adjust the length of the line, as I can do when I get frustrated and just try to put a line from the Master palette instead. But that work - around doesn't really work either, because as soon as something else shifts, the line is not in the right place any more.

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