M.S. 3 the "reset position of elements" option

• Jun 5, 2019 - 22:50

After a long break, I returned to Musescore, D/L and installed V3.
When I loaded up scores done in MS2, in some cases the lyrics have been placed over the top of the staff line.
See attached image.
This occurred after I selected "yes" in the reset position of elements pop up when V3 first opened the score, although in a very small number of cases, it even occurred if "no" was selected.

I have done a quick search through the forum, but as yet have not found any other mention of this.

Is this known, and is there any fix other than going through every score manually fixing?

Cheers, Alex.

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What your picture shows has nothing to do with resetting or not, but just a new behavior of continuosu view - it no longer automatically re-spaces staves (for various reasons, that may change). You can instead add spacers to get the view you want while in continuous view, or you can not worry about it, or you can switch to page view and things should be more as you'd expect.

To Mark and JoJo, thank you very much for your reply, I revisited a few of the scores that had this issue and the ones so far were in continuous view, changing to page view brought it all back.
This I did not pick up on as I had stopped using continuous view a long time ago as it tended to slow down my computer if the score was quite lengthy.
So possibly these scores were saved in continuous view prior to that time.
It has been almost a year since I have had the time to play around in musescore and perhaps old age is taking hold.


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