Space is not made for multiple verses in continuous view

• Sep 13, 2018 - 16:03
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lyric spacing.PNG

As shown in the picture, when entering lyrics in continuous view, there is no space made for adding more than one verse. The picture is from an actual score, but testing a new score with default values had similar results.


Type Graphical (UI) Functional
Priority P1 - High
Regression No
Workaround No

Seems none of the things that should spaced staves work in continuous view - eg, notes way above/below the staff will overlap the previous/next staff as well. I guess it's an open question as to whether continuous view should force staves to be as far apart as they need to be on their widest system - occasional overlaps might be OK - but lyrics seems like they should be handled. That much at least worked in 2.x

Priority P1 - High P2 - Medium
Severity S4 - Minor S2 - Critical
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Frequency Many
Reproducibility Always

This was an intention to turn off autoplacement in continuous view. It improves performance and still is suitable for note input. Enabling autoplacement in continuous requires more work to interpret one loooong system correctly.

So, this is the issue, indeed, bit not the priority.

PS. Workaround for this particular issue is to manually adjust the distance between the staves.

Priority P2 - Medium P1 - High

Reported also in #280071: V3 Beta problem with continuous vs page view. Worth thinking about possible solutions. We don't turn off autoplace completely - elements still do their normal collision avoidance, I guess just the part about staff spacing is not done. What if this were done just for the measures currently in view? Could be disconcerting to see staff spacing change as you scroll. Another possibility is to simply add some fixed amount of extra space below staves with lyrics so it's not a problem as often.

I had a thought - since Shift+drag no longer works as a synonym for "Extra distance above staff: anyhow (by design), what if we instead made that action have that effect only in continuous view? So it would take effect score-wide, but you could easily pull staves closer together in sections where they don't need to be as far apart as they do in other places (and vice versa). I generally don't like actions that are mouse only, or ones I can't control more precisely (eg, via an actual numeric setting), but since this is only about the current view and not really a score setting per se that would affect page layout and thus doens't need precise control, I could live with it. We could always a separate field to staff properties for this too I guess.

@Marc, Perhaps making the shift+drag a staff affect only continuous view would be a good way to allow the user to easily adjust the space. For the most part, I expect that this space will be consistent throughout the song, but could be easily adjusted if needed with your suggestion.

@toffle, it looks like Marc is working on ideas to fix this. Feel free to suggest other options. I am only one user and welcome other opinions. A related discussion is happening at #279117: Cannot add custom lines spacers to custom palette

Right now I'm thinking three things, and I can't decide whether to do all three or just a subset:

1) change the default to be more like 2.3.2, where even one measure that requires extra space forces extra space by default throughout the score
2) implement spacers that work in continuous view only
3) allow Shift+drag to add/remove extra space

All three could work together. For 1), I would want to see if the performance hit is too noticeable. I think 2) and 3) work together nicely in that the actual effect of Shift+drag could be to change the height of the first continuous-only spacer found, or add one to the first measure if not. That way there is a "paper trail" and you can be sure of getting back to the default by removing the spacer.