BUG: Repeats ignored in exported mp3 or ogg

• Jun 7, 2019 - 00:17

Repeats in a score are ignored in exported to mp3, including voltas. In the attached score there are several multi-measures repeats with voltas. However, in the exported mp3/ogg, the repeats are not played and voltas are played serially rather than alternately--that is both endings are played back to back. Fortunately, their is a workaround, unroll the repeats in the score using the new "Unroll Repeats" command under Tools before exporting. Still, this is step should be unnecessary.

PS: Why does Musescore.org accept ogg but not mp3 for upload?

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Do you have the "play repeats" button checked, like it is on this screenshot (red circle marks the correct button)? If you have it switched off then the exported audio file will indeed have no repeats played back.

With this button being checked I get the correct audio file with all repeats played back properly.

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Hi, for me it still doesn't work, when exporting to MP3, repeats are ignored. I think I have the correct notation, on playback, repeats are played, the exported file ignores the repeats and when playback after exporting, the repeats are also ignored until I restart the program Capture.JPG .

It seems to be a relatively new bug, I know for sure that mid 2019 it was not there.

Any ideas?

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