Lyrics don't allow for adequate white space between notes

• Jun 7, 2019 - 10:31
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This is for build download: MuseScoreNightly-2019-06-03-1420-master-8c42b37.dmg

1) Open a new score with treble clef or grand staff and use all the default settings
2) Create one measure of four quarter notes
3) Add lyrics to the 4 notes
4) Make 3 of the syllables a traditional length of 1-4 letters and make a quarter note in the middle of the measure have 5 letters or more. There is no white space between words of different notes like there is in the current, stable version of MuseScore.

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traditional length of 1-4 letters???
a 4th note in the middle you mean a quarter note, not the 4th note or that set of 4, right?
Please attach a sample score, that'd be better fpr reproducing the issue

Are you saying this works in 3.1, gitbub-musescore-musescore-e26f7c4, but not in the latest development build, gitbub-musescore-musescore-8c42b37?
I don't see any commit that might be responsible for that, and there are only very few, basically 3 merged PRs, none of which touch lyrics

There are a number of style settings that affect space. The defaults are set to allow very tight spacing similar to MuseScore 2.3.2, but better in that we allocate additional space for dashes. If you prefer more space still, go to Format / Style / Lyrics and increase the "Min. distance' setting.

It's certainly possible we could increase this by default, but we did this because in the first 3.0 releases we got complaints that lyrics took more space than before.

I should clarify - the setting wasn't available until 3.1 indeed, but in 3.0, there was always a minimum 1.0 sp gap between lyrics, whereas in 2.3.2 there no additional space forced. So when we added the setting, we had to decide on a default. Since there were so many complains about scores taking more space in 3.0 than 2.3.2, I made the default be 0 to achieve maximum compatibility. Probably what I should have done is set it to maybe 0.5 sp by default in new scores but 0 sp in scores imported from MuseScore 2. At this point I'm reuctant to change it though as it will affect existing 3.1 scores.