Individual spacer should automatically, immediately fill space between staves.

• Jun 7, 2019 - 17:01

At the moment. when I add the "Downward" spacer, a very short spacer appears. It takes me 12 times ctrl/down arrow just to get to the point where it begins to make a difference.

I think it should immediately join the 2 staves, eliminating the initial 12 strokes.


I tend to agree, and I note the code is already there to do this for fixed spacers. But I should mention that I do seem to recall that when the subject came up before, there were some reasons mentioned - by Werner, I think - why we don't do this for other spacers. I don't remember what those reasons were, but they might have only applied to MuseScore 2 or even 1, where staff and system layout worked very differently. And if nothing else, we could at least make the default be whatever the current staff distance style setting is instead of 3 sp.

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:-) For the record, the forums are good place to discuss ideas - to get feedback on whether something is a bug, whether a feature exists, how a proposed feature might work, etc. Once somerthing has been confirmed as a bug, or a consensus emerges about how a proposed new feature might work, then it's time to submit it to the issue tracker. The different severity levels are how we distinguish bug reports from feature requests - a severity of Suggestion means feature request, anything else is a bug report.

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