repeat in different note lines

• Jun 8, 2019 - 10:51

I have a choir score where the note lines for some voices are split to 2 different lines, because the rhythm is different for the 1st and 2nd verse (many score use small notes in such a case).
Is there a way to mark these lines as "1st" and "2nd" repeat, in a way that the playback only plays the proper note line during play-back?


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Assuming you mean for playback, yes, it's a common request, but it would be a fairly large undertaking to design such a facility, so it hasn't risen to the top of anyone's "todo" list (not there are any such official lists) yet.

But to be clear, you can already notate this just fine.

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I write the scores for our man choir also and face the same problem multiple times. For Example, Sopranos and Alts sing the line the first time, on repeat the second line is for Tenors and Baritons. It is in approx 5% of the scores with repeats so not much (around 20 scores). But these are only the numbers of 1 choir.

Our choir members use MuseScore to practice.
So if it was just optical this is no problem, but on playback, it is a problem.
What I do now is not making use of repeats for those scores, but write the next repeat right after the first one.

But this makes a score very big, and when people printing it will cost a lot of extra trees. And for this reason the invented repeats I think.

It would be good to put it a little higher on the priority list because it is more than useful functionality.
Perhaps it is easier to implement on an entire staff instead of a voice.

For example, Select the (repeat) barline in staff, and then on the properties pane on the right you see the number of repeats and simply check or uncheck the repeats where this line should or should not be played

For now, I will keep killing the repeats in a score and simply write them out.

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