Deleting rests

• Jun 9, 2019 - 07:54

How do I delete a rest ? I am finding deleting notes to be a bit of a chore (but possible) but rests ....



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Doesn't answer my question as to why you want it.
Music is noise AKA notes and silence AKA rests. If there is neither, there is no music.
You can delete rests, if they are in voice 2-4, select, Del. You can even delete rests in voice 1,select, Ctrl+Del, but that shortens the measure or deletes it entirely. You can hide rests, select, V.

It would be best iof you attached your score so we can understand what rests you mean. The only rests that would normally be added automatically are the ones musicially necesssary to make sure every measure has the right number of beats - the very same rests you'd otherwise have needed to add yourself. It's possible you've some something incorrect, like enter notes into a voice other than 1 that should have been in voice 1. Or maybe you are thinking you need to delete the resets before overwriting them with notes, but you don't.

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Somehow I still think you are confused about something. It takes zerto effort - none whatsoever - ti repalce a rest with a note. The rest disappears autoamtically the moment you enter a note at that position. It's like saying it's a chore to delete blank white paper when you overwrite it with ink - this makes no sense, the white paper disappears all by itself, just like the rests do. It's exactly the same here.

Attaching an actual score and more explanation would help us understand and assist better.

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