Combobox: available fonts on mac : light, medium, extra-bold... weights.

• Jun 9, 2019 - 16:51

On mac, fonts other than the classical regular or bold weights are not available (like medium, light...).

E.g. I have the font "Calibri Light" installed on my mac, I can use it on any apps like LibreOffice.
- But on Musescore 3.1 I'm not able to select "Calibri Light" (only "Calibry" is available with the bold / italic options).
- I've checked on Windows and Linux Mint, "Calibri" and "Calibri Light" are well available in Musescore.
- If a .mscz file already contain a reference to "Calibri Light", even if this font is installed on my mac, it will be replaced by another one on MuseScore.

This issue is a big concern for me. I'm now working on mac and I have to manage a few hundred scores that use the "Minion Pro Med Cond Capt" font. Even if this font is installed on my mac, it is replaced by "Lucida Grande".

A big thank you for your help.


Musescore seems to use QFontComboBox, and I found this related QT issue:

According to the comment on this ticket, it's a normal behavior (a platform behavior more exactly) to see fonts list, with all weight variants on Windows, but not on Linux on Mac.
However I was able to see all of them on a Linux Mint.

By doing some research on the Qt documentation, I found methods to retrieve all font weights (see style & family in the Qt doc) :

Thanks for your help. I would like to help and contribute, and be able to fix this bug, but I'm absolutely not a Qt and C++ developer ;-(

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