Combobox: available fonts on mac : light, medium, extra-bold... weights.

• Jun 9, 2019 - 16:51

On mac, fonts other than the classical regular or bold weights are not available (like medium, light...).

E.g. I have the font "Calibri Light" installed on my mac, I can use it on any apps like LibreOffice.
- But on Musescore 3.1 I'm not able to select "Calibri Light" (only "Calibry" is available with the bold / italic options).
- I've checked on Windows and Linux Mint, "Calibri" and "Calibri Light" are well available in Musescore.
- If a .mscz file already contain a reference to "Calibri Light", even if this font is installed on my mac, it will be replaced by another one on MuseScore.

This issue is a big concern for me. I'm now working on mac and I have to manage a few hundred scores that use the "Minion Pro Med Cond Capt" font. Even if this font is installed on my mac, it is replaced by "Lucida Grande".

A big thank you for your help.


Musescore seems to use QFontComboBox, and I found this related QT issue:

According to the comment on this ticket, it's a normal behavior (a platform behavior more exactly) to see fonts list, with all weight variants on Windows, but not on Linux on Mac.
However I was able to see all of them on a Linux Mint.

By doing some research on the Qt documentation, I found methods to retrieve all font weights (see style & family in the Qt doc) :

Thanks for your help. I would like to help and contribute, and be able to fix this bug, but I'm absolutely not a Qt and C++ developer ;-(

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I'm not sure if I should be commenting on this thread or the issue tracker thread, but I'd like to add my voice to the request for this feature! The heavier weights of my font of choice have a lot of nuance that get missed when just applying bold style, and I'd like to be able to use the thin and hairline weights as well.
Thank you for everything you do!

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Thank you for your quick feedback. It might not be a bug as a developer point of view.
But in terms of user and engraving experience, I still think it's an important one, especially that all scores using different font weights (different from bold and regular) and created on Windows/Linux are broken on Mac, just because these font variants are not loaded correctly in MuseScore on Mac.

I hope this blocker for all Mac users will be fixed someday, hopefully with the upcoming MuseScore 4...

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I totally understand that this existing feature on Windows/Linux isn't a need for the majority of Mac users, so not a priority for the MuseScore team (although priority and severity are not the same thing).

I still hope that MuseScore will one day render sheet musics the same way you open it on Mac or Windows (especially when you spend a lot of time on engraving to make nice scores). Thanks again for your quick feedback, and for the MuseScore app ;)

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This feature doesn't exist for Windows and Linux either, as far as I can tell. If getting implemented, it got to get implemented for all supported platforms, not just Mac. After all a score created on a Mac should look the same on Windows and Linux, and vice versa.

Edit: It does seem to be available on Windows at least.

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FYI, on Windows and Linux, I'm able to select them from the fonts dropdown list, as soon as they are installed (light, medium, condensed...). I'm able to do it at least from MuseScore >= 2.
It actually works the same way as LibreOffice, to list font families and their extra font variants/styles (which isn't an argument, but just to provide another functional example).

For example :
- OpenSans
- OpenSans Light
- OpenSans SemiBold

On Mac, only the regular/bold fonts are listed and loaded (without listing installed font variants/styles). On Mac, if a font is used other than the Regular or Bold style, the font is completely replaced by another one, even if this font style is correctly installed on Mac, which can damage the engraving works already done if the MuseScore document is then modified from a Mac.

As a workaround, I'm able to run a Windows version of MuseScore from PlayOnMac/Wine (which fortunately loads all the fonts installed from the Mac), but this isn't really a smooth experience.

I found a work-around to this issue. Go into Font Book and disable all of the font styles within a particular font except for the style you want. So in my case, I disable all of the medium, bold, etc. etc. of Alegreya Sans and left only "light" enabled. Muse Score will then populate only the "light" version of the font. Of course, this means you can't use the other styles of that font in other applications until you enable them again.

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