Barlines in the nightly build for mscore-2 have wrong layout

• Aug 6, 2014 - 09:28

Barlines marking start, end or end/start repeats are rendered wrong: instead of colons, I only see little rectangles in the score(see the screenshot).

The happens including "Nightly Build of MuseScore, Revision 64bits-2014-08-06-09-35" for LINUX.

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Can you post the score you are having problems with? Also, if you previously installed older nightly builds, you might need to do a factory reset (mscore -F). But don't expect scores saved with earlier builds to necessarily still open correctly.

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Normally, the fonts for MuseScore are compiled in to the application itself - they are not "installed" in the way fonts are usually installed on your system. You should never even try to install them yourself. In fact, what you are seeing is exactly one of the symptoms you might expect to see if you *did* have an older incompatible version of the MScore fonts installed on your system.

So see if you have MScore or MScore1 installed on your system and delete them if so, then try again.

Might help also to post a full PDF or at least a an image with more context so we can see if we see any other symptoms that would give us a clue about what is wrong on your installation.

I suppose if you had a (buggy) experimental version of Qt installed on your system rather than one of the official releases, that could also produce artifacts like this.

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@jojo: Seems you are not totally right: On my system, I have an installed lilypond software which has too some emmentaler fonts, but after removing liliypond* packages (the emmentaler fonts are then removed too), the problem still persists. I guess, the mscore2 emmentaler fonts are faulty.

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We are speaking about the nightly builds (I guess you'd call it mscore-2), for any platform, but esp. For Linux. Marc is running Linux too (in addition to Windows), for developing.
We've seen the effect you received if the user had installed (older versions) of the MScore font on their system, on Windows and Linux. And the fact that it works for you with Bravura is another hint into that direction.

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Yes, I realize you are talking about development builds. Everyone on this thread who opened your file was using a development build to test, and many of us have been using them daily for months. And many of us are on Linux. I assure you, things are fine for everyone else. So it's *got* to be something unique to your system. You are sure you looked for mscore and not emmentaler in your installed fonts?

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@marc: Perhaps the problem is that I'm running in parallel mscore-1, in Fedora: mscore-1.3-2.fc20.x86_64.

I found /usr/share/fonts/mscore on my box (belongig to mscore-fonts-1.3-2.fc20.noarch):

ls -l /usr/share/fonts/mscore
total 152
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 7972 Apr 12 2013 mscore1-20.ttf
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 69376 Apr 12 2013 mscore-20.ttf
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 76976 Apr 12 2013 mscore-MuseJazz.ttf

But I can't image that ome of these fonts is the culprit.


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As we kept telling: these are the culprit, delete them (or move them away)!
Not even MuseScore 1.x would need them, but either would take them from there if available and the nightly can't cope with them, as there format has changed (some glyphs are expected and different codepoints, the repeat barlines are among these)

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