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• Jun 15, 2019 - 13:46

When creating parts from a score, I've noticed that the parts will have differences. For example, stems, beams, position of text, dynamics, symbols and most movable objects, velocity on notes, dynamics and crescendo/decrescendo, among other things. Can we please fix this? It's really such a pain to go through multiple parts fixing every thing manually and it really should be automatic.


Everything that's considered layout is not linked between score and parts, only everything considered content.
So positions, beaming, stem direction etc. is layout and as such not linked and this is by design.

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Let's say you do link layout changes. What do you expect to happen when the user moves a text from the first beat of a measure that's in the middle of the system to be above the end of the previous measure by either dragging it or using the inspector. You make parts, and now the same measure is at the start of a system and the text overhangs the left side of the system.

A better example is with multiple parts on a staff. You have Flute 1 in voice 1 and Flute 2 in voice 2. In the score all of Flute 1 stems are pointed up and all of Flute 2 is pointed downn. You create parts and Assign voice 1 of the flute to Flute 1 and Voice 2 to flute 2. You now have two separate flute parts. All of Flute 1's stems point up, including the F6s (above the 3rd ledger line above the staff) that is not at all uncommon on the flute and all of Flute 2's stems point down including the notes below B4 (the middle of the treble staff). I do this all of the time (put flutes 1 & 2 on the staff for the conductor and separate the parts for the musicians). It's very common in symphonic & concert band scores.

The answer is that these linked layout changes don't make sense. What you are asking for is usually the exception rather than the rule. The layout changes between the score and parts are automatic because they make sense and are what most professional musicians expect.

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I would just add the text on the last beat of the previous bar because that makes more sense and if you happen to change things before that section, text won't go off screen accidentally. As I said, I'd prefer a check box. If you don't want it then don't check it. And flipping all the stems in a score is as single as ctrl+a then x. I'm talking about where there are adjustments all over the score in different places, so you can't just select everything.

Can you post a specific score where you have made manual adjustments you feel would make sense to preserve in parts? As mentioned, most actually don't, but obviously some do. Chances are you are having more that do than don't, you could help the situaiton by changing some style settings to avoid the need for so much manual adjustment. Particularly in MuseScore 3, it should be pretty rare that you'd need to apply the same manual adjustment in both the score and part.

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