Playback clicks

• Jun 16, 2019 - 04:29

I'm creating a fairly large score for a project and I noticed it keeps making clicking noises during playback, particularly over trills but it happens almost everywhere in the piece, and it's happening in all of my other pieces aswell. I'm using Musescore 3 and I've tried making changing the synthesiser volume and changing the SoundFont, but that has done nothing.


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No, it’s not the metronome, it’s not like a percussive click, it sounds like crackling and at first I thought it was just my headphones breaking but it still happens without them. Musescore has been making these clicks for weeks, they’re random and inconsistent but they mostly happen in parts with a lot happening, especially with crescendos or tremolo’s, which is hard to avoid when I mainly use musescore for orchestration

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