Hairpin crossroads

• Jun 17, 2019 - 12:03

Probably sounds like a hazardous piece of road to navigate...

I'm finally starting to really nut out this incredibly software, using more shortcuts all the time - reminiscent of my Blender3D days, where the shortcuts MADE the software fly! - and very keen to use this more and more in my music studies.

My challenge is this, currently: I like - actually really like - the playback in Musescore, so I'm finding myself wanting the hairpins to actually control the dynamics of the piece on playback. But then, in order for that to work, I have to insert dynamics all over the place, when ends up looking a bit busy:


I suppose I can untick the visible tickbox for the "superfluous" dynamics, but would doing this make a bit of a hash of things? It does sound significantly more like what I want it to in Musescore, but... what with playback improvements being planned, should I wait until some of these improvements see the light of day?

I'm currently working on the Allegro of Opus 48 of Dvorak ADvorak_Op48-Ic.mscz - a simply incredibly piece to study! - and making sure the dynamics are respected makes all the difference as to how the piece sounds. The piece without the dynamics is cacophony: unlistenable.

What would wiser heads do, here? focus on creating sheet music or creating something fun to listen to?


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Thank you for your reply, JeeTee. This takes me to another grey area: what exactly the numbers correspond to. I understand the term velocity is a holdover term from midi and keyboards... having to do with how fast / hard a key is struck, but I haven't really figured out how to translate that to a string section and how hard they bow a particular note, say and which number range would be appropriate for a stringed instrument... but most importantly, what sort of number to assign the crescendo hairpin and then, the decrescendo... and then, there's the type of single-note dynamics method.
I did read the hairpin page, but I'm failing to figure out how to use the information I read in a sentence, metaphorically speaking.

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