How do I find dynamic/velocity in effect?

• Jun 17, 2019 - 18:02

How, facing a note in a score whose dynamic level has been set by some marking who-knows-how-far ago (in this case, in a coda), can I find out what its dynamic level (mp, mf, f, etc) is? The inspector "velocity" is of no help (nor should it be, I think).


Certainly a decent feature request; this is a question I also occasionally have.

For now, exporting to MIDI then finding the note in the MIDI might help (e.g. with tools like midicsv).

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Finding the regnant dynamic marking is indeed a difficult problem, but that doesn't mitigate the need for knowing it by one decibel. Perhaps a binary-searchable map of some kind is needed, a whole new data structure, an awfully large hammer. But it is not a small problem.

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