Swing notation

• Jun 18, 2019 - 02:35

When you look at most professional swing charts, the text saying swing has the thing in parentheses (shown in pic) and it was possible to recreate this in MuseScore 2 by changing the text font to one of the metronome fonts (shown in second pic). As I like my charts to look professional, is there any way I can emulate this in MuseScore 3?


FWIW, though, this notation isn't really used in "professional" swing charts. Most professional charts simply use the word "swing" and assume professional musicians understand what that means. It's more charts for the education market that provide this notation. But indeed, once you have the graphic, you can attach it to as many scores as you like, it's as easy as entering text. not sure what you mean by needing to "format" the picture, but if it's not the right size for you already, just do that once and resave it.

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