suppressing the bass clef at certain points

• Jun 21, 2019 - 21:04

I laid out my score in SATB closed form. Now I want to suppress the bass clef at certain places and not others. How do I mark the score so that when I use edit instrument and remove bass clef it works. As I do it now the bass clef gos everywhere. Should I be using select to select the places where the bass is to go and if so how?

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If I understand correctly, there is no need to work to work that hard - just go to Format / Style and turn ion "Hide empty staves", and MsueScore does the rest. Do wait until you've actually entered the notes where you do want the bottom staff, though, or the whole staff will disappear!

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Make those 'tacet' invisible, then the staves will disappear too. A (visible) staff text makes a staff to not get hidden, as in isn't empty then.

Also better keep the men's part in bass clef, I find it quite difficult to jump between clefs during a song.
At least but them into G Cleff ottava bassa and move notes down an octav, so it sounds right?

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