Parts dialog, problem with "Generate" ("New All" replacement string)

• Jun 22, 2019 - 16:31

In the latest (pre 3.2) nightly I see that
"New All" in the Parts dialog box has been replaced with "Generate".


Even though "Generate" gets us away from one of the most memorable Tantacrul criticisms / memes, Generate does not seem like an improvement to me:

  • Generate loses the "All" part of New All.
  • Without "All", "Generate" is semantically indistinguishable from the (single part) "New" button below it.

"Generate" has a tooltip:
"Generate new part for each instrument"
I would prefer users not to depend on the tooltip to distinguish Generate from New.

My suggestions

3.1 "New All" / nightly "Generate" -> "All Parts New"

"New" -> "New Part". Also, "New" does not have a tooltip like New All / Generate.

Add tooltip for "New Part":
"Generate new part for an instrument"


I agree Generate is a rather meaningless name on a button. I'm sure the desire was to make it say something better but keep the same size. They failed in the something better department.

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