How do I offset a horizontal beam in musescore?

• Jun 25, 2019 - 04:41

I have been having trouble offsetting horizontal beams like the one that would connect two eighth notes. I can offset other notes and beams but not horizontal ones. It just doesn't work. Also, is there a faster way to move notes around because changing the offset number for everything takes an awful lot of time. It would also be very helpful if I could offset beams and notes at the same time. I would appreciate any insight available.


Offset in what way? You want them to not connect to the stems? Best to attach your score and describe what you want in more detail.

As for moving notes, there are multiple of ways of doing this (double-click and cursor keys, double-click and drag, cursor keys in Inspector, typing into Inspector, etc). But this should be a pretty rare operation - the default position are normally already correct according to standard rules of notation. The fact that you are spending an "awful lot of time" on this makes me suspect you are trying to use offsets for something that is better accomplished a totally different way. Again, attaching your score and explaining in more detail would help us understand and assist better.

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