No taskbar icon

• Jun 25, 2019 - 15:42

I just installed MS 3.20 7410 and it replaced the MS icon on my Windows task bar (the little icons at the bottom of the screen) with a "blank" icon (looks like a blank notebook.) When I click on that icon Windows said it couldn't find anything. I managed to restore the right icon to the taskbar using the Windows program list menu, but it shouldn't have been deleted in the installation process.


This kind of glitch is pretty common when installing an update if the program is already running at the time. Not sure there is anything an installer can do about it. As far as I know Icons are just files in the installation like any other and they can/do indeed get replaced on an update.

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Actually, that's another point I wanted to raise. Many install programs advise the user to close all running applications before continuing with the install. The MuseScore program didn't give me such a message (if I remember correctly, I wasn't particularly paying attention to this but I think that is what happened,) but I assumed I should close MuseScore before clicking on continue install. Unlike any other install program I've used, however, closing MuseScore also seemed to close the Install box. In other words, it looked like I COULDN'T install the update without the current MuseScore running.

I think better, and more standard and expected practice, would be to have the install program advise the user to close other apps, including MuseScore, and keep the install box up after MuseScore closes.

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