• Jul 3, 2019 - 03:13

I have a small problem, I can't hear any sound from MuseScore. I can hear everything else like youtube or spotify, it's just musescore that doesn't feel like working.


What OS (operating system)? Check OS volume mixer?
What version MuseScore? Check volume/mute in Mixer? Volume in Play Panel? Synthesizer?
What hardware set-up (e.g. laptop, bluetooth headphones, HDMI output through TV, etc.)??

In MuseScore, what does Edit→Preferences→I/O show?

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In addition to the "headset", do you have "speakers"?
In MuseScore Preferences, do you have other choices in the drop down (API and Device) lists?

On Windows, (from the link I posted earlier):
In case of interference with other programs, esp. on Windows, go into your soundcard configuration from Control Panel and ensure that the "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" in the Advanced tab of both Playback and Recording is unticked.
Have you confirmed that?

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"I have speakers as well". Does this mean that you have speakers hooked up to the computer also, or that that is a choice in the devices list? Are your headphones usb? Try some of the other API's. On my system even though I have headphones plugged in, they work in the speaker setting.

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If you're on W10, try this.
From the start button (lower left) select Settings/ Ease of Access/Audio/Change the Device or App Volume/App Volume and Device Preferences. You may have to scroll around to find these things.
I have master volume, System sounds, and MuseScore 3 (and the name of the score) showing. volumes at 100%

Input and output show Default.

I don't know what I did, I kinda just kept on closing and opening MuseScore 3 while praying that the playback would work, and now it does some how, soooo, thank you both for your help, sorry for kinda wasting you time through all of this.

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