How to add stickings with the new musescore update

• Jul 3, 2019 - 19:15

I was just wondering since recently it says that stickings were added, where would I locate those?


How do I stack multiple stickings underneath the notes? When I try to create a second set of stickings the formatting seems to mess up.

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It's not as simple as it should be, but basically, just add a second sticking to each not individually. note sure what you mean about formatting messing up, but if you attach your score, we can understand and assist better. Maybe you mean, you are mixing capital and lower case letters and the heights and therefore the baselines don't line up? It might be necessary to apply a consistent manual offset to that second line.

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Thanks for the quick response! I am actually trying to avoid having to manually add a second sticking to each note. Normally, when I am adding one particular sticking combination I select (add - text - sticking) to the first note, then I can simply press the left arrow or the spacebar to advance to the next note and add a sticking within that row. I wanted to learn If it's possible to edit a second row of stickings without having to click on each note individually.

I'm keeping everything in Capitals, so no problems with the baselines.

When I try the spacebar/left arrow shortcut on the second set of stickings, the cursor redirects incorrectly to the sticking on the first row and starts to add extra unwanted stickings. Here are some screenshots. As an example, I'm trying to add a row of "R" stickings, then add a separate row of "L" stickings.

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Right, as I said, we don't currently support the addition of a second row directly. You need to do it the way I described. There would be ways of making that less painful, like via copy/paste to paste in a whole second row at once from a second copy of the passage, etc.

Also, no need to click, its often more efficient to use the arrow keys (Left/Right,. also Alt+Left/Right) to navigate by keyboard. And while you're at it, be sure to define a shortcut for the sticking command itself (via Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts).

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