Large gong and trombone mute.

• Jul 8, 2019 - 04:31

I am creating a score that requires a large gong. I have looked everywhere under percussion for a large gong, or even a smaller one. The best I have come up with is a tam tam. Does anyone know why Musescore does not have a large gong available in the total array of percussion, or I am not looking in the right place. Also, mutes are available for trumpets but not for trombones. Again, any ideas why this is not available?


I guess you mean playback - you can certainly add the text for mute to a trombone staff, and add a gong as an instrument? MuseScore relies on standard Genera MIDI soundfonts for playback, so it's limited to the sounds defined by GM by default. But you're welcome to search for and install any other soundfonts you like if they contain non-GM sounds you want to use. See the Handbook on "Soundfonts" for more info.

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