Compression of Measures to one line

• Jul 8, 2019 - 16:09

This is not really a new Forum topic but the solutions I have seen in previous discussions are not working for me.
I have tried adjusting stretch and margins as far as I can and the score "Looks" like it should be able to accommodate some compression.
I have attached an excerpt in which I am trying to get the first 7 measures onto one line to duplicate another printed version which many choir members already have (avoiding different looking arrangements )

Sorry if this duplicates I'm new to posting and accidentally inserted file in comments
Not sure if I'm correcting that now or reposting :-(

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All :-) The central size setting is on the page size dialog, the "Space setting" (almost everything in MuseScore is using this unit for sizes), I reduced it from 1.764mm to 1.664mm. And then I reduced the stretch (Ctrl+A, {) once or twice, until averything fitted onto one page

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Thanks -- I actually had to take the scaling down to 1.400 (I was a bit afraid of scaling too low)
Then enlarged some text such as Dynamics, and took side margins to 5 mm doesn't leave much room for error in printing but it'll do for now
I only wanted to compress those few measures out of a 170 measure score (everything else was fitting OK )
but that will do the trick for now.

I may get my colleagues using Finale to do one of the Squishes for just a few bars that I have read is available in that product. Although some gurus say that is a bit dangerous it would have been the perfect thing in this situation


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