Unable to change text font in MuseScore 3

• Jul 9, 2019 - 18:24

Why can I not change the text font of the title of my piece to theMuseJazz font even though I checked in Fomat>Score>Style the MuseJazz font as well as in Format>Score>Text Styles>Title. And even when I select the title and choose Edit Element I cannot change the font. What is going on? Is that a bug or is there some rather non-intuitive way of changing the font which I overlooked?


Works for me.
Select ttitle text, then in Inspector change font
Or double-click, select all and then down in the text edit tool change the font
Or Format > Style... > Text style > Title text, change font

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Ok, the part that I was missing is that you have to select the text not only by clicking it once and thereby making it blue but you have to doubleclick it in order to be able to edit the text but that is still not the end of it. You then have to select the text and then you can change the font with the inspector or the text edit tool at the bottom of the screen.
But what are the settings in Format>Style for?

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Double-clicking is needed only if you want to edit the text - changing the content of it, like correcting the wording, or applying formatting to just a portion of it (like making one word in a phrase bold.

But just to change ordinary properties of the text as a whole - like making the whole text bigger, or the whole text bold - don't double-click it. Just use the Inspector.

Style settings control the default properties - what size, font, and position the text is when you first create it. After that, you can use the Inspector to override those defaults. You can also hit the "S" (set as style) button to transfer any customizations you make in the Inspector to Format / Style, so they will then immeidately affect other elements with that style.

Again, though, this all works only if you have not applied custom formatting using the text toolbar. If you've deliberately selected some (or all) of the text while in edit mode and then made it 12 pt bold using the text toolbar, it's going to remain 12 pt bold regardless of any changes you make elsewhere, unless you remove that custom formatting with the button.

Without seeing your score (the actual score, not just a picture) it's hard to say what might be going on. If MuseJazz is selected in the text style for title, then by default, that's what you hould get, until you previously applied custom formatting to some or all of the text within the title (using the text toolbar at the bottom of the screen). If that's the case, remove that custom formatting using the Inspector button.

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