Unable to customize VELOCITY (volume)

• Jul 11, 2019 - 22:36

Hello. In prior versions, I've been able to customize the volume with absolute values - i.e. velocity User = 44. Now, however, the latest MuseScore version does not appear to let me do that. For example if I want the clarinets at 44 and the flutes at 34, what I expect then is for the clarinets to be louder than the flutes. Furthermore, if I want the 3rd clarinets to play louder than the 1st clarinets, I can't seem to make that happen either. This was a very helpful, if not necessary, feature previously. Simply applying the "hard" dynamics - p, mp, mf, etc. - does not always give me the nuisances that I need. Any help/tips you can provide would be greatly appreciated . Thank you in advance.


The new single note dynamics (SND) feature makes the meaning of "velocity" a bit different than it used to be. I'm told that with some soundfonts at least, switching to CC11 for dynamics in View / Synthesizer can enable velocity to work even in the presence of single note dynamics. Otherwise you can also disabe SND for the staves in question via Staff Properties.

You can also apply the regular dynamiuc but change the veocity of those, rather than the individual notes - that should still work.

If you're still having trouble, please attach your score, so we can understand and assist better. Also tell us what soundfonts you are using.

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