Provide a hairpin-dynamic combination in the Lines palette

• Jul 15, 2019 - 06:48

The Lines palette contains a dynamic-hairpin combination but not the other way around. A hairpin-dynamic combination would be very handy in the very frequent situation in which a hairpin ends and the next event is a rest. A dynamic can be placed on a rest, but it is not normative, so the workaround is to manually move the ending dynamic to the left so that it is aligned with the end of the note. With the requested feature this would be automatic.


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Thank you for the tip! Once more I haven't done my homework and didn't dig deep enough!
However, I cannot really find that in the handbook. But it was there in the inspector!

That said, there are two more details. First, it would really be more easily discoverable if there were an icon to pick from the palette. Second, I've noticed none of both (dynamic-hairpin and hairpin dynamic) really play back, which seems somewhat inconsistent.

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Feel free to edit the Handbook to document it!

Lack of playback support is unfortunate indeed.

I am not convinced having either of these in the palette is such a great idea. There was already talk of removing the existing one and given it really doesn't accomplish anything you can't do by adding the elements separately, I rather wish it had happened. At least the hairpin with ending dynamic is indeed something you don't get by adding two separate elements, it has to be adding the dynamic to the hairpin. Still, it creates the incorrect illusion it's a separate element when it really isn't, and then it invites the question, "but what if I wanted some dynamic other than mp", etc.

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Editing the manual is certainly something I feel I could do to support the project. Would you hint me as how to start?
Not sure I'll have much time until August, but then I'll be glad to contribute something in exchange for all benefits I've got from MuseScore.

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