odd change of voice and pitch in piano part on one note

• Jul 15, 2019 - 14:24

Hi all, I can't remember which version of MS3 I wrote this piece on, but just lately there is one note (and only one) in the left hand of the piano/organ that somehow changes voice AND changes pitch. It happened very recently.
It happens only on that particular A natural and in that particular octave. Later in the piece (bars 54 and 55 for eg) it happens again but is less noticable due to other instruments playing. isolate the piano and its there alright! Ideas?


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Look in the synthesizer (menu View->Synthesizer). If you didn't know that, I'd be shocked to hear you changed it. Which sound to you have assigned to the organ? There are several pianos to choose from. Since I have a different soundfont list, mine just defaults to grand piano.

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