If I add a Voice to my instruments, I can't change the patch to anything but Choir Ahs

• Jul 15, 2019 - 19:57

I create a voice and piano score and I always change the ugly Choir Ahs to Grand Piano. But if I add another voice to the score, when I open up the Mixer, it says the patch is already Grand Piano but playback sounds like Choir Ahs (which I can't stand hearing.) I've tried to change the patch to any number of things, but it continues to be Choir Ahs. Can you help me figure out what is wrong. And is it possible to change the default voice to something other than Choir Ahs? I'm attaching an example of this issue. Thank you!

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Open the mixer, select the instrument (each has its own vertical cursor). It will change color when selected;
In the 'Patch' drop-down list choose the sound to be assigned (see image above). It should work.

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