embelishments come in one note lower

• Jul 15, 2019 - 22:09

Whenever I insert a bagpipe embellishment, it always comes in one note lower.
G gracenotes come in as F gracenotes, D gracenotes come in as C gracenotes, etc.


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It seems like I used musescore on a different computer and didn't have this problem (I upgraded recently and re-installed everything from scratch). Has it changed?
Having to edit every note of every embellishment every time sure slows things down.

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You shouldn't need to. Are you trying to use them on an instrument other than bagpipe? Or did you not select up your bagpipe instrument from the instrument list? Also, if you have Concert Pitch turned on, try turning it off, or vice versa. I'm not an expert on bagpipe notation, but my understanding is it does work as expected when used as expected.

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Well, you must have some instrument, or you wouldn't have a staff. So I'm guessing you are just using the default empty score, which is a piano. So, no surprise it doesn't work. That default score is fine for playing around here and there, but to do any real work, you should always create a new score with File / New, and either select a template for a specific instrumentation or choose the instrument(s) yourself. This is important so that things like transposition work correct, as well as for playback and other reasons.

I just tried, and selecting bagpipes definitely works, just be sure to have concert pitched turned off (which is the default, so just don't turn it on, or if you do, turn it off again).

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