Nothing is happening

• Jul 16, 2019 - 21:36
  1. this is first of all just a question, is Musescore compatible with MIDI? I would like to play directly from the keyboard to my computer. (it probably is I just don't know how to do it.) So if I cant directly play it. I'm gonna put in each note individually right?
  2. Nothing is happening. this isn't normal, normally I place a note and I hear it. and I can press play, and I hear it and I see it moving from one note to the next like normal. I hear zero. I press play and it doesn't move. might it be a bug from switching from Musescore 2 to Musescore 3? I can't even play songs I've downloaded. I've closed it and reopened. I've gone to my pc audio. I listened to piano guys on youtube no problem. I don't know what is happening, I have songs I need to make and I've previously liked this program. Any ideas?


You can play in a simple way and have MuseScore try to figure out the rhythms if you use one of the "realtime" modes. Read the Handbook under "note input" and "note input methods", and in particular check the video linked at the bottom of the latter page. Overall it's not a more efficient way to enter notes than directly one at a time, using either MIDI or just typing on your computer keyboard.

As for the problem with playback, this can happen in some circumstance depending on your system configuration and is normally fixable, see for instance

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