Soundfont not uploading with score

• Jul 17, 2019 - 15:47

The title means all.
I am up to date (3.2.3).
I added the soundfont in 'synthesizer' and pressed 'save to score' and 'set as default'.
I picked the patch in the custom soundfont I want to use in the mixer F10.
Still uploading it, the playback uses the default MuseScore soundfont.


I found it but another problem comes.
I used to upload scores by clicking 'Upload' in browser. This time I click 'Save Online...' in MuseScore software.
This results in I created a duplicate. This means I have to gain views, favorites and comments again.
There is no way to update a score that it was not first uploaded in the software.

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Actually there is. Copy the URL of the score and paste it onto the "Source" filed in File / Score Properties before doing the Save Online. It's a workaround you only need to do once, and only for scores that were originally uploaded using a browser (it happens automatically when using File / Save Online).

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