Feathered beams not working in score

• Jul 19, 2019 - 16:52

I'm currently running Musescore on MacOS*. Whenever I go to create a feathered beam, it will not apply to the staff. I've read the manual and have tried both dragging and dropping it as well as selecting notes then double clicking the feathered beam in my workspace. It simply will not apply to the score. Am I the only one experiencing this issue?


Feather beams work just fine for me. It would be best to attach a score with the problem so we can see what's going wrong.

As others have said, we would really need to you to attach your score in order to best assist, but as it is, my best guess is you are trying to feather the one beam on an eighth note, which isn't going to do anything. You need at least two beams (eg, sixteenths or shorter) in order for there to be anything to feather.

In measure 1for bass clarinet, I want feathering going into the first half, then feathering out of the notes. Or, just speeding up into the notes and then slowing down out of them, during the decrescendo. If that makes any sense. The same would apply to flute 1 in measure 3.
Also, is there any way I can basically split a system above a certain instrument so system text reappears again over a particular instrument? I have a large score, and for readability purposes, would like things like tempo markings and other system texts to reappear between staves halfway down score. Particularly, I want tempo markings over solo trombone and piano. I have looked and cannot find a solution to that. Again, I apologize for possibly not explaining things well.

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As mentioned recently, you need to apply the feathering to the beam, not the notes.

Regarding system texton lower staves, it's something we'd like to support directly someday. Meanwhile, workaround is to add staff text and change the text style as appropriate in the Insepctor.

I had the beam selected and it still wouldn't work, however I just uninstalled and re-downloaded Musescore and it actually seems to be working fine now. Thanks.

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