tablature for guitar and bass

• Jul 19, 2019 - 20:39

I am a musician, not a computer whiz. Please answer in idiot version otherwise I will not understand.

How do I access tablature for guitar and bass?

I understand that the software will automatically convert conventional notation to tablature for guitar or bass. How do I access it?

How do I import sheet music to be arranged for guitar or bass.


For a guitar (accoustic or electric) you can use the guitar + tablature template in the new score wizard. It has already do what I'll explain for bass.

For bass, in the new score wizard, choose select instruments rather than a template. From the list of available instruments choose Electric Bass (or another appropriate instrument) and click the Add button. Select staff 1 under the instrument that will be created and click Add linked staff (it will become available when you click staff 1). To the right of staff 2 (which is created when you click Add linked staff) change the clef to one of the Tab 4 -str. options. This will add a linked staff when you click OK. Go through the rest of the New Score wizard, and when you add notes to one staff they will automatically be added to the other staff.

If you have a score with an existing instrument, press i and follow the instructions above starting with Select staff 1 to add a linked tablature to the instrument. The new score wizard will not run again so you wont need to reselect key and time and so forth.

For starters...
1) Open the MuseScore app
2) Choose template under 'Solo" - for guitar, use Guitar + Tablature
3) Enter notes onto staff.

You can "import" sheet music via MusicXML

Import via pdf is experimental. Results may vary.

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