Musescore 3 forgets some EXCELLENT Musescore 2 features.

• Jul 22, 2019 - 13:06

Greetings Dear Sirs:

Please, could someone help me?
Details in the Image below.

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a) The new color scheme is by design., but you can tweak the colors via Edit > Preferences > Advanced.
b) Initial barline in tab staff being to short seems to be a new and yet unreported issues, feel free to file in the issue tracker, but I can't reproduce it, so don't forget to attach a sample score and steps to reproduce

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I don't see any barline that is too short.

You are using some non-default settings on Format > Style > Measure, like Note distance left set to 1.2 rather than 1 and Clef left border set to 0.64 rather than 0.80, also the Barlines settings differe from default.
But yes, layout in 2.x and 3.x does differ, usually for the better.

That color change is, as said earlier, by design and changed in 3.2, you can tweakt it yourselt, as mentioned above.

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I sent the File to you to see the Incomplete Vertical Line in the TAB Section and the Gray Color of the Key and the Initial Compass of both Sections.
The smallest spacing of the Notes in Playback Mode, is comparing it with Musescore 2, as I mentioned initially.

I would like to modify it for Blue as it was previously shown in Musescore 2.
And give it a larger spacing just like Musescore 2 did.

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Thanks a Lot. Your answers were very helpful.

In terms of the Spacing of the Notes in Playback Mode - Continuous View, I think I have achieved a Balance Point between what I had in Musescore 2 and what I now have with Musescore 3.
I just need to change that Light Gray Color that maintains the Clef , Key Signature, Tempo, and Principle of Compasses in Playback Mode - Continuous View.

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