Volta skips, why?

• Jul 23, 2019 - 04:19

So, I am composing a bagatelle and I have the first main section mapped out already. But why is the volta at measure 63 skipping(in other words, it's not being played at all)?

I tried putting in a second ending volta. Here is what it was like before:
Before Volta.png

And here is what it looks like now:
After Volta.png

And here is the volta that is being skipped:
Skipped Volta.png

Here is the file that I took all these images of. Why is the volta being skipped? Is it because the repeat leads right into a preexisting volta? What would I have to do then? Put another repeat sign after the second ending volta so that it doesn't get confused and skip the volta at measure 63?

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That makes sense. If there is no start repeat and you are in the middle of the piece and see a repeat sign, where would you start the repeat? As a pianist, I can assume it was a typo by the publisher or the composer and play the repeat where it is supposed to be. But notation software can't make those assumptions so it just skips the repeat and any voltas if the repeats besides the first repeat aren't in pairs. So I need to add in a start repeat for the volta to not be skipped.

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Partially true.

What happens if you don't have a start repeat?
You repeat from the start of the song.
Given you've already hit a first volta that repeats back to the start of the song, you are now playing back the 2nd repetition of that part; hence a prima volta is skipped.

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