Turn off automatic transposition

• Aug 9, 2014 - 08:23

I was just wondering if there is a way to turn off automatic transposition, because to be honest I would rather transpose instruments such as the clarinet by myself, i.e when I put in a D for clarinet it plays a C in concert pitch? Sorry if this doesn't make much sense.


So with "Concert Pitch" clicked, you can enter the C and it will sound like a C. Do *not* transpose yourself; this will just confuse MuseScore and lead to problems. When you are ready to see your score transposed, simply turn *off* the Concert Pitch button and everything is transposed correctly for you and works correctly with respect to key signatures, chord symbols, and playback - something that wouldn't be true if you tried circumventing the system.

So, enter notes at concert pitch with Concert Pitch turned on, then turn it off when you want to see the transposed pitches. Or just generate the clarinet part - which will already be transposed by default - and let the score remain at concert pitch if you like.

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After some hunting around I found this in MU4:
Go to Format / Style / Score / Display in Concert Pitch

My comment: It is more a 'View' than a 'Style'. The toolbar button would have made more sense.

Note. Eventually I found the concert pitch button down at the bottom in the 'Status Bar'. Again, it's still more a View than a Status. Anyway now I am glad I have found it ...

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