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• Jul 29, 2019 - 04:05

I am trying to get a repeat to go through a first ending, then through a second ending jumping back to the repeat then jump to Coda part way through the third replay before reaching the endings

In the attached score I want to play the first system Then start the repeat section at D1
Play through to the First ending at C2 back to D1
Repeat through using second ending at C3 back to D1 then through to the To Coda at measure 143
where "To Coda" is indicated and jump past both endings to the Coda at the end

I Have tried DS al Coda at the end of the second ending and put the Signe at D1 but it didn't help

I either don't ever get to Coda or I get there after playing through to C2 after the To Coda

What am I missing ?

Any thoughts ?

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Thanks to
Removing the repeat at the end of the second ending did the trick. I thought about that but
The original score which I received from the writer had the repeat there (but no DS and no Segno)
It just had a note at the ToCoda to do the jump on the third pass -
That was written in Finale and exported to XML
Maybe Finale has some different Jump & Repeat options
Anyway it now works Thanks again

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You can't have it both ways - you either use repeats or DS/Segno. If you include both, it has a different meaning, which in this case doesn't make sense. If you want the coda, then the DS is the way to go, but indeed, lose the repeat. This has nothing to do with which program you use; notation is notation.

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As I indicated, I got the proper result from the suggestion by jm6stringer. Very simple resolution.
It may well be that "notation is notation" but the options in different software and how it implements and executes it seems to have some variations. I didn't want to "have it both ways" I just wanted it to work as intended. Problem solved and noted for future reference.

As I said I received the score from the original writer who did it in Finale several years ago. All text direction on the score indicated it was supposed to do what I eventually achieved but that's not what the score playback did after the import into MuseScore.

I didn't realise until it was pointed out that there was a conflict between the repeats and the "To Coda".

I have found out through experimentation on another score, that didn't translate into MuseScore quite right, that one can DS to more than one Coda (as long as each DS and To Coda is labelled properly) to achieve some pretty interesting combinations with a more convoluted result. I guess that saves the writer a lot of copying and pasting although a little harder to follow at first for amateurs

Thanks for taking the time to give your input

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