Finger clickin' good.....

• Jul 30, 2019 - 09:39

I am working on a score (based on Peggy Lee's 'Fever") that I am stripping down to a simple melody line that's passed around between five instruments.

When not playing, the other instruments will finger click (cool dude style) . But I don't want to waste space by writing out a percussion line for them all, if I can write that somehow into their instrument lines.

I can just write that out as an instruction ( and hope they will remember...) But does anyone have any bright ideas as to how to write a percussion note (or just a silent cue) into an instrument stave ?


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"and make it silent"
Or use instrument change text to make it sound like fingersnaps. You may have to experiment with pitches to find the correct sound, but it's there. (I think it's C#6?) Just remember to change your instrument sound back to original when they need to play pitches.

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No, but you can change to a drum voice. The problem is that I'm not familiar with the mapping of drum sounds to know where the various sounds exist. I did experiment with adding an instrument change to a pitched staff and selecting finger snaps from the body percussion group. It worked... sort of. The sounds were definitely percussion, (sounded mostly like Latin percussion) but I had to hunt to find a pitch that sounded like snaps.
I think you'd have to be a lot better at drum mapping than I am to be able to really take advantage of this.

And what a great piece of software this is, that can cater for so much!
And what a great supportive and knowledgable community that can answer my dumb questions, and so fast!

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