Start Center not acting right

• Jul 30, 2019 - 21:02

When I open MS3, I have it set for Start Center to appear. Recently [last week], it takes 15-20 seconds for the Start screen to appear; when it does, I have waited up to a minute or more for the screen to populate, to no avail. I click the field, I click the header, and sometimes it will now populate, sometimes not. I then have to go into recent scores to call up what I want. This is certainly not what it should be doing, and it is only in the last week that it has done this. FYI.


I would guess you installed MDL, which uses a lot of large soundfont files. This slows down the load time. If not, you may have added a different soundfont to the synthesizer.

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MDL is not the only source of slow startup, just the most common. It's difficult to install it by accident, but as kuwitt said, you can check the resource manager to see if you did.

Another possible reason for a slow load is that you have marked Show start center and Continue last session under the Edit->Preferences menu. If you close MuseScore with several scores or a couple very large scores open this will slow down opening the program. Don't ask what very large means because it varies from system to system.

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I'm trying to think of anything else that might slow down MuseScore opening. If you open the synthesizer (view->synthsizer) and look in the Fluid and Zerberus tabs. If there is anything besides the MuseScore_General.sf3 soundfont listed in the fluid tab then list them here. Otherwise I suggest that you try Help->Revert to factory settings.

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Only general.sf3 soundfont is listed.
I clicked out of start center a couple times and, finally, the list populated, but start center is not very unresponsive. No scroll down, but I can click on a listed score and it will open.
I will try the revert to factory option, unless it will erase the scores I have in there? I have a couple templates I use every day that I would not care to lose.

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Did you try clearing the recent files list (from the File menu)?

Not you should have MSC. It's only if you have MSCX files that there is a potential slowdown from thumbnail generation. Could also be one recent file is on a network drive that isn't responding, or something else like that. Which is another reason why clearing the recent files list is worth trying.

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