Update synth engine

• Jul 31, 2019 - 16:07

Yesterday I started a post and received the following answer:
I don't know if it is a hard of work to developersbut I'm going to make a request.
Can you, please, embed the updated code of Fluidsynth in next versions of Musescore so that we can benefit from audio improvements in recent Fluidsynth versions.
Similar to what is described in the post, I really remember when Fluidsynth rendered Blanchet 1720 not as good as it does now. The notes bellow the lowest E in F clef sounded strangely louder. Harmonics were not as clear as it is now. Also, in organ soundfonts, like Jeux, Virtuorgan and some from Stratman virtual instruments site, when we used combinations like 16'8'4' some frequencies seemed to clash and sounded like a low quality mp3.
Now many of this issues are gone in Fluidsynth but, unfortunately, are still present in Musescore. It would be so nice if Musescore could keep up to date with Fluidsynth versions and benefit from its improvements.


The problem is, IIRC, that FluidSynth is written in C and have been transfered ionto C++ for MuseScore, so just re-syncing MuseScore's FluildSyth with the current codebase is not going to be straight forward.

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