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• Aug 2, 2019 - 03:22

I recently downloaded 3.2.3 but I am unable to open a new sheet. I deleted the old versions of musescore just to free up space. I reinstalled the latest version (64 bit) and the same error occurs. Please advise on this.


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What I do now is open a new sheet on version 2 and export it to version 3. Now I was able to open a new sheet in version 3, thanks to the update. There is a new issue. When I click on Format tab and select Style, it stalls. What is happening? Is there an error found in every Musescore version that I always download just to update the old??

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How do you export a sheet to version 3? Do you mean you open an existing version 2 score in version 3?

What exactly do you do that fails in version 3? I suspect a window is not showing up. If that's the case see for some ideas of how to see the window. Use "Revert to factory settings" if you have no custom palettes or shortcuts, otherwise there are a few other options that might work that won't delete your customizations.

I think you mean that you select Format from the menu, then Style and nothing happens. This is a window that you are not seeing.

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Hi there! I reverted to factory settings and it works now. Thanks a lot, I can continue the new piece that I was arranging for couple of nights now. I might be not in composing at first but I'm a learner so that will be the next project I will engage my time to. Hopefully it sounds well (and correct!). Please don't get tired of helping amateurs like me. I always wanted to compose pieces but I was not able to get the college degree for it. Thanks again Sir and more power to you!

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