Guitar: Making different voices' notes blend together

• Aug 8, 2019 - 19:52


I've been working on transcribing out Slash's guitar parts in GN'R's Paradise City. The verse requires that some notes be palm muted, however that's not the problem. I set voice 1 to be distortion guitar and voice 2 to be palm-muted guitar, the only issue is that the stems invert, break apart, and do all that ugly stuff.

Is there any way to fix/prevent that issue? Or another way to add palm-muted guitar in the playback that avoids that problem?


(I can provide images if necessary)


Images might help and a sample score would be better. Select a few measures and use save selection from the file menu.

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I've attached a file for a demonstration of my issue.

You can see that the beams of the notes in voice 1 switch to being above the staff and break apart from the notes that were switched to voice 2. Note the palm-mute lines are not part of the issue and are just used to signify which notes are in voice 2 (the muted voice).

Just want to know if there's a way to get those beams back to normal (below the staff and attached to the voice 2 beams).

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Don't use multiple voice, enter everything into voice 1. For what you want there is no reason to use voices. The way you have your tab set up the default locations for beams is down. This can be set in staff properties under Advanced style properties if you ever wanted to change it.

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Use a staff text each time you switch between palm mute and not palm mute with the appropriate channel selected. The text can be anything you want. You can then select it and make it invisible by pressing V. I use this idea for single hit and rolls on timpani because of the sound font I use. I have the invisible text saved to a custom palette. I actually use the words "hit" and "roll" with the proper channels selected and apply them as needed.

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