"m" is not working correctly?

• Aug 9, 2019 - 12:16

As titled with attached, for the beginning bars by design 1day?


Tempo texts don't normally prevent a measure from being included in multimeasure rests, and that's not the problem here - deleting the tempo doesn't help. The problem is the second measure is not in fact empty, there is content on invisible staves. Not sure exactly why that causes the rest to break rather than not appear at all, but in case, deleting that content would fix it.

If the point of the invisible staves is to see the violin part alone, that's not the correct way to do it. Instead, simply use File / Parts. This generates the parts correctly and turns on multimeasure rests automatically.

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It's the "pp" in the first bar of hidden piano causes the problem, del it, and add it to the second or third or fouth bar to test and get expected results.
Now i have to del "pp" in the first bar, add it as hidden in bar 4, and set the velcocitys of the frist three bars to 33 as user. regretting that there is no instruction at the begginging for pianist.
Used parts before, never never again. they simply do not sync/mirror with each other. the only easyist way is to hide.

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