Add Mobile Editor

• Aug 9, 2019 - 17:10

Sorry for sounding a bit desperate here, but I really need this feature implemented. I am a full-time composer, and I have been relying on Musescore for my composition making, which I have used to win last years ILMEA Composition Contest in the Instrumental Solo category, and for the upcoming NAFME Composer Competition. I just really need a way to be able to continue writing and editing my scores while on the go, as I often have little time to get onto my PC, when I could just edit from my mobile device. It would be awesome if you could implement something similar to Noteflight or I just really need this implemented for my lifestyle, and I would go with the aforementioned options, but they just aren't as feature-rich as Musescore is. I don't know exactly what you would do/add to it, but if you do decide on implementing/creating it, I would love to help with deciding on features for it and whatever else. Thanks f
or taking time out of your day to read this, and have a good day!

*Also, could Musescore possibly sponsor the ILMEA Composition Contest this year? I'd love to possibly be able to win some free premium through that(if you'd sponsor it like that), 'cause I can't afford premium, and I'm starting to get a decent amount of scores in my collection, and it would just be more convenient to use Musescore rather than something like Google Drive to save my scores. Just wondering. Again, thanks for reading, and have a good day!


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